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Building a positive workplace culture

Innovation is essential for small businesses to stay ahead of the curve. A culture of innovation encourages employees to think outside the box, take risks, and come up with new ideas. This is why FutureX has an array of experts to facilitate informative sessions on the world of Workplace Culture: effective business practices to help small businesses better communicate and demonstrate the company’s culture, values, and goals.


Small businesses are having a hard  time attracting and keeping workers because their workplace cultures don’t measure up, especially when offering good employee value propositions. You may be considering how this is relevant to your… strategy. 


At FutureX, you will be provided with valuable insight that will assist you in understanding your Employee Value Position (EVP) to better meet the expectations of your people in terms of career development, work-life balance, compensation, and other factors.

Two other key elements that influence an organisations culture is leadership and communication. During our workplace culture sessions we will also address the role of influential leaders to build trust and relationships with their employees. At FutureX, our industry experts will equip you with the resources that you need to consider innovative approaches and the future of building your workplace culture when developing your business strategy.


Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) A RAP can help to weave the values of equity, respect and inclusion into the fabric of workplace culture. By taking concrete steps towards reconciliation, businesses can become more culturally aware and mature. At FutureX we will share a case study how others have correctly curated and implemented a RAP as an investment in your staff and workplace culture, creating the right environment to attract and retain Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander professionals to your organisation.


target audience

Who will get the most out of this track?

Don’t miss out on this informative opportunity if you are a…

  • Human Resource Managers looking to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace 
  • Current or future leaders seeking information on the role culture, has on fostering positivity within the modern workplace.
  • Marketers looking to communicate why a organisation is a employer of choice, providing a glimpse into a company’s structure and workplace culture.
Key Takeaways

What will you walk away with?

FutureX will provide you with beneficial key takeaways, including…


  1. Insights into emerging trends of workplace culture and employee expectations
  2. Solutions for developing a Employee Value Proposition to help retain and attract talent
  3. Strategies on how to create value for to attract and retain Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander professionals to your organisation.
  4. Conversations on approaches to foster innovation and grow an intrapreneurial mindset
  5. Knowledge and practical tips on effective communication has building a positive company culture is through ensuring.
  6. Exploration of the employee wellbeing.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Enjoy the Professional Development

Ticket Options

1 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 40+ Daily Dose sessions

Wednesday 28th Sept 9am – 4pm

Location – University of the Sunshine Coast (Sippy Downs)

2 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 80+ Daily Dose sessions

Access to Wed 28th & Thurs 29th Sept

Location – University of the Sunshine Coast (Sippy Downs)

Workplace culture options

Daily Dose Sessions

The Future of Workplace Culture

(Presentation + Q&A ) 

How a strong EVP will Help Attain & Retain Talent


Reconciliation Action Plans

(Case Study) 

The Intrapreneur’s Mindset


Effective Communication


Culture Eats Strategy for breakfast

(Case Study) 

Our sessions align with following 3 core themes

Tech & Innovation

Connecting innovators and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth and drive positive change through sustained innovation of existing products, services and processes – targeted to the needs of current customers and employees.

CX & Marketing

Exploring new ways to invest and build effective and targeted CX and marketing strategies that boost sales, enhance customer retention and forge stronger relationships in today’s evolving business landscape.

Future Skills

Understanding that technological advancements power much of the revolution but embracing that cognitive, interpersonal, leadership and digital skills are essential for future sustainable and scalable growth.

In addition to the Workplace Culture Sessions you might enjoy sessions from these other tracks – also INCLUDED in your Wednesday Daily Dose Pass.


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Success relies on culture. It’s what helps organisations out-perform their competitors in the job market, share market … or any market.

Where culture is healthy, clear and inspiring – great things happen.

And that’s what exsona is here to do – help businesses, teams and leaders learn about your culture, improve your results
and work in line with your organisation’s purpose, values and goals.

We specialise in creating workplace strategies that support employee experience, engagement, communication and wellbeing.

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