Strengthening the Home Front with Business Procurement Opportunities

With the upcoming Olympic Games coming down under to Brisbane in 2032 and the Queensland Procurement Policy (QPP) increasing their spend on local businesses, an extraordinary amount of job opportunities, contracts and partnerships are currently – and will to become – available for local businesses.


Delivering on the Queensland Small Business Procurement Commitment – Action Statement, as of the new Financial Year, QPP has increased its procurement quota for supporting the recovery of local small to medium enterprises from 25% to 30% of the state’s procurement. This initiative is targeted at increasing government spending on local businesses to build confidence, stimulate business growth and innovation, create new job opportunities and drive capability.


To be successful in obtaining a current QPP or an upcoming Brisbane Olympic Games opportunity will require extensive planning, strategy and foresight. This is why Forward Festival is offering informative Ted-Talk inspired presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions that will explore what this means for Australian businesses, how to position for success, and what you can start doing now in preparation.


As you can imagine, there will be MANY businesses that will want to take advantage of these current and upcoming opportunities. Therefore, remaining strategic and informed will provide you with a competitive edge over peers. At Forward Festival, you will be informed by unique insight into how you can strategically position your business to take advantage of these opportunities.


These procurement opportunities for your business have the ability to provide you not only the contract for work, but also the chance to take part in new projects, create valuable and long-term partnerships, and develop a supply chain. Additionally, increased tourism associated with the Games is predicted to have a financial benefit that will last decades. At Forward Festival, you will learn how to drive your business capability to leverage the opportunity that current Government business procurement initiatives and the upcoming Olympics presents, and how to gain experience working with Government: applying for tenders, building capability to supply to Government, and understanding the requirements associated with supplying to Government… all useful skills to develop to succeed in gaining new business.


Join our line-up of keynote speakers for informative discussions on current and upcoming business procurement opportunities, and to find out how YOU can effectively plan your strategy early in order to best position your business for success.

target audience

Who will get the most out of this track?

Don’t miss out on this informative opportunity if you are a…

  • Business Owner/Director  desiring information on  procurement opportunities from Queensland Government
Key Takeaways

What will you walk away with?

At Forward Festival, you will be provided with a deeper understanding of the opportunity that the Queensland Procurement Policy and 2032 Brisbane Olympics presents and how to start preparing through…

  1. Invaluable insights into how to stay informed and take advantage of procurement opportunities as they arise
  2. Tips on how to begin your preparations now
  3. Advice on how to best position your business for success and become ‘tender ready’
  4. Ideas on how to build your capability of supplying to Government
  5. Knowledge of the economic and employment opportunities associated with these new business initiatives
  6. Recommendations on how to include opportunities from the Queensland Procurement Policy and/or 2032 Games in your medium to long-term business plan
  7. Tips on accessing free resources to assist you in winning business that arises from current and upcoming opportunities
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