The Transformative Future of Robotics & Automation

Technology and engineering provide businesses with infinite possibilities to improve their operations and output through robotics and autonomous systems, communication engineering, digital logic and computer programming, machine vision and much more.


To take advantage of the innovation that can benefit your business, requires awareness of the ongoing developments in robotics. FutureX addresses this need through informative keynote presentations, workshops that will explore the advantages and disadvantages of robotics, the scoping of relevant robotics and autonomous systems, and how they can be implemented into your business.


The use of robotics and automation in business is an innovative and competitive business edge. However, extensive evaluation and planning is required in order to benefit from the full capabilities of these technologies. Forward Festival’s ‘Future X’ session will guide you through this process that considers core dimensions including products and services; manufacturing and operations; strategy and organisation; supply chain; business model; and legal considerations.


Now, ‘how is this relevant to me’ you may ask… technological advancement! At Forward Festival, you will be provided with unique and valuable insight that will assist you in implementing efficient and productive operations with the use or robotic engineering.


Robotics has the capability of providing benefits to businesses across all many including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, space exploration, military, travel and numerous more! At FutureX, the industry experts presenting at the sessions will provide insight that will equip you to integrate robotics and automation to improve efficiency, alleviate operational constraints, and achieve your business goals.


FutureX’s line-up of keynote speakers and industry experts will provide you with insight on how YOU can benefit from the era of robotics.


target audience

Who will get the most out of this track?

Don’t miss out on this unique and informative experience if you are a…

  • SMB seeking information on strategic business opportunities within robotics
  • Current Engineering Student requiring foresight into the future of robotics
  • AI Specialist interested in learning about the role of AI in robotics
  • Business Owner, MD or CEO wanting expert guidance on how their business operations can benefit from implementing robotics


Key Takeaways

What will you walk away with?

The various workshops and keynote presentations at FutureX will deliver…

  1. Unique insight into the trajectory of robotic engineering and automation
  2. Valuable guidance on assessing your business needs, and addressing them with the use of robotics and automation
  3. An opportunity to hear from business professionals that are growing and automating as a result of implementing robotics
  4. Tips on how to get started, overcome challenges and secure your first clients
  5. Information on the benefits and disadvantages of robotics, and the role of AI
  6. Support in conducting self-assessment to determine your business’ readiness
robotics options

Daily Dose Sessions

How you can embrace the robotics era?

(Presentation + Q&A ) 


Local Case studies

(Presentation + Q&A) 

The Future of Robotics: How Robots Will Transform Our Lives


i4.0 readiness assessment


Our sessions align with following 3 core themes

Tech & Innovation

Connecting innovators and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth and drive positive change through sustained innovation of existing products, services and processes – targeted to the needs of current customers and employees.

CX & Marketing

Exploring new ways to invest and build effective and targeted CX and marketing strategies that boost sales, enhance customer retention and forge stronger relationships in today’s evolving business landscape.

Future Skills

Understanding that technological advancements power much of the revolution but embracing that cognitive, interpersonal, leadership and digital skills are essential for future sustainable and scalable growth.

Enjoy the Professional Development

Ticket Options

1 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 40+ Daily Dose sessions

Early Bird $249 (ends 31st July)

General Pass $299 (ends 28th Sept)

2 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 80+ Daily Dose sessions

Early Bird $349 (ends 31st July)

General Pass $399 (ends 28th Sept)


Track Partner


SunCoast Angels


The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Hub is an agile technology centre in robotics, artificial intelligence and design-led manufacturing. Drawing together the best scientists, technical specialists, designers and engineers working side by side to develop commercial advanced manufacturing solutions – transforming high potential ideas into new products and services and accelerating adoption to generate high-value jobs and economic growth.


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