Are you retail ready?

The retail industry is at the mercy of fluctuating consumer demand, rising service expectations, evolving cultural influences, and an increasingly digitalised shopping experience.

To be innovative and industry-leading in the everchanging retail track is impossible without sound understanding of the drivers that are initiating this significant change. This is why FutureX has a panel of experts to facilitate informative discussions on the retail environment.

Experts believe the contributing factors that retailers need to remain aware of include technological investment, convenience, personalised marketing, seamless experience across retail channels, and reasonable prices. However, evaluation and forecasting of these influences that are championing the evolution of the retail environment, is essential in understanding how to formulate a transformative, pro-active and competitive business strategy.

You may be wondering what this means for your business… the introduction of innovative models that customers have come to expect!

This successful innovation comes with knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the retail market and varying influences/demands. Optimising your business operations and overarching strategy is no longer a discussion of brainstorming a ‘fresh’ approach, but is now reliant on the continual analysis of cultural shifts, leveraging technology, automating processes, and driving sustainability. At FutureX, our experts will deep-dive into various topics that will equip you with the tools to consider innovation and the future of retail when developing your business strategy.

Are you ready to tackle the trending trajectory? Reap the retail rewards? How about solidify your strategic solutions?

Join our exclusive line-up of keynote speakers, strategic specialists and retail veterans for thought-provoking discussions on the impact that the changing retail environment could have on your business, and most importantly… how YOU can shape the future of retail.

Key Takeaways

What will you walk away with?

With the following key takeaways of FutureX, our thought-provoking sessions will provide you with a deeper understanding of the retail environment through…

1. Insights into how the retail space will be leveraged and transformed
2. Exposure to other like-minded individuals, and introductions to local start-up’s – fuelling the development of new innovative solutions designed for small retailers.
3. A draft ‘Customer Journey Map’ of your business.
4. Revision of retail marketing on basics: product, price, place, and promotion
5. Ideas and inspiration of potential professional development opportunities to future-proof a career in retail.
6. A checklist of key principles for creating inclusive in-store experiences for customers.

target audience

Who will get the most out of this track?

Don’t miss out on this informative opportunity if you are a…
• Sales Associate that is eager to explore new innovative thinking and intrapreneurial opportunities
• Visual Merchandiser desiring a better understanding of the evolving factors influencing the customer journey
• Customer Service Representative seeking information on customer expectations and changing demands
• Business Owner or Business Development Manager that is passionate about formulating an innovative, competitive business strategy
Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

unique Professional Development experience

Ticket Options

1 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 40+ Daily Dose sessions

General Pass $299 (ends 28th Sept)

Location – University of the Sunshine Coast (Sippy Downs)

* Limited to 40 Spots

2 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 80+ Daily Dose sessions

General Pass $299 (ends 28th Sept)

Location – University of the Sunshine Coast (Sippy Downs)


retail options

Daily Dose Sessions

The Future of Retail

(09:15 am – 09:50 am  Keynote)

Retail Startup Showcase

(09:55 am – 10:30 am  Pitch session)

Optimise Your Customer Journey

(11:25 am – 12:20 pm Workshop)

Key Principles of Successful Retail Marketing

(12:20 pm – 01:15 pm Panel Discussion)

Shaping the workforce of the future in retail goods.

(02:15 pm – 03:05 pm Panel Discussion)

Diversity and Inclusion on your Physical Store Strategy

(03:10 pm – 04:05 pm Case Study)

Our sessions align with following 3 core themes

Tech & Innovation

Connecting innovators and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth and drive positive change through sustained innovation of existing products, services and processes – targeted to the needs of current customers and employees.

CX & Marketing

Exploring new ways to invest and build effective and targeted CX and marketing strategies that boost sales, enhance customer retention and forge stronger relationships in today’s evolving business landscape.

Future Skills

Understanding that technological advancements power much of the revolution but embracing that cognitive, interpersonal, leadership and digital skills are essential for future sustainable and scalable growth.


Track Partner

Australian Retailers Association

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) is the oldest, largest, and most diverse national retail body, representing a $400 billion sector that employs 1.3 million Australians and is the largest private sector employer in the country. As Australia’s peak retail body, representing more than 120,000 retail shop fronts and online stores, the ARA informs, advocates, educates, protects and unifies our independent, national and international retail community. To learn more about ARA’s exclusive member benefits and more, visit retail.org.au