Showcasing the forefront of technological advancements, emphasising how these innovations are transforming sectors.

This track showcases the forefront of technological advancements, emphasising how these innovations are transforming sectors such as defence, communications, artificial intelligence, and autonomous transportation.

It aims to provide insights into practical applications, the impact of emerging technologies, and future trends crucial for business sustainability and growth.

Target audience:

  • SME
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Innovators
  • Executives
  • Government

Example topics:

  • Defence Innovations
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cybersecurity Trends
  • Communications Advancements
  • Emerging Technologies



Kathryn Giudes

Managing Director of macroDATA Digital Solutions & Chair of Silicon


Tracey Gosling

Regional Vice President - Public Sector APAC of Dataminr


Dale Rankine

Founder, Cogenuity For over 30 years, Dale Rankine has been a serial entrepreneur and venture builder across every major technology trend and shift. From the early days of web, mobile, cloud, IoT and more, Dale has pushed the boundaries of emerging commercial opportunities being driven by seismic shifts in technology. Dale is a globally-recognised builder and innovator, with deep hands-on experience in developing products and ventures that have identified and capitalised on early market opportunities, scaled globally, generated enterprise value and exited. His successes have been fuelled by strong personal values and execution capabilities across not only the technical landscape, but also the commercial and human elements of building great teams and ventures. His most recent success came through his company and industrial data integration platform Reekoh; founded in 2014, scaled across Australia, US and Asia, and acquired by Autodesk Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) in 2023. On the people-side of venture building, Dale has a particular interest in founder wellbeing, coaching and support. The journey of building great companies, especially in the early stages, requires equal attention to how founders are performing personally as well as professionally.


Councillor Terry Landsberg

Sunshine Coast Council – Division 2 Terry Landsberg moved to the Sunshine Coast in the late 1980s and has since become a cornerstone of the Caloundra community. With over 20 years of experience as a local business owner, Terry understands the importance of community-based action and has dedicated himself to fostering local growth and development. As a second-term councillor, Terry shares responsibility for the Resilient Economy Portfolio with Cr Joe Natoli. In this role, he actively contributes to the areas of Economic Development, Industry and Local Business Development, Investment Attraction and Facilitation, Innovation and Tourism, and Major Events across the entire Sunshine Coast. His background as a small business owner, combined with his passion for promoting healthy, active lifestyles, informs his work and commitment to the community. Portfolio Highlights: - Represented the council on two panels discussing digital economy and sustainability credentials at the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York in October 2023. - Represented the council at the Smart Cities Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2022, focusing on smart cities and investment strategies. Beyond his portfolio duties, Terry holds positions on several Council committees, serves as a Director of the Sunshine Coast Events Centre, chairs the Caloundra Downtown Taskforce, and has established the Division 2 Community Committee. Through these roles, he continues to champion initiatives that enhance the quality of life for residents and drive sustainable economic growth on the Sunshine Coast.


Thomas Pollock

Managing Director, Gov Ready Thomas Pollock is the Founder of Gov Ready and brings over two decades of expertise in winning government business for the SME sector. He has fostered strategic collaborations with government, major corporations, and in particular loves working with the SME sector. Thomas is the author of the book, “Winning Government Business: The 6 Rules and 9 Absolutes,” which provides valuable insights into government procurement, empowering SMEs to compete and win government contracts. In 2019, Thomas established Gov Ready to enhance the capabilities of Queensland businesses, offering essential support to those pursuing government contracts and providing a clearly defined road-map into Government revenue streams.


’s Track Sessions

BREAKFAST›››FWD OPENING: Unlocking your entrepreneurial potential

Opening Event breakfast with keynote speaker Tania Price, Founder & CEO of Entropolis


TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus

Session E1: Sustainable Success, Without Compromise (Keynote)

Sustainable Success Keynote

TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus

BYO Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Small Business Lifecyle and Mindset of Queensland small business

BYO Lunch & Learn: Understanding the Small Business Lifecyle and Mindset of Queensland small business featuring Queensland Small Business Commissioner, Dominique Lamb and special guests from local business.


TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus

Session E2: How to leverage today's cyber landscape for success (Panel)

Join us for an exciting panel about all things cyber for a panel hosted by Kathryn Giudes with Tracey Gosling and other guests to be announced


TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus

Session E3: Elevate your business with ACSC Cyber Uplift (Keynote)

Elevate your business session

TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus


Whether you have been part of Forward Fest for the whole day, or you wish to join just for the end of day connector event, all are welcome to FWD>>>CONNECTOR. This is a networking event that may just be where you meet the person who has the solution to your biggest business problem. Forward Fest is built for collaborative collisions and FWD>>>CONNECTOR is the perfect way to experience just that!





The intersection of technology and environmental sustainability, highlighting innovative solutions and strategies to combat climate change.




Showcasing the forefront of technological advancements, emphasising how these innovations are transforming sectors.




Track explores technology advancements, emphasising the transformative potential of Extended Reality (XR) & Virtual Reality (VR), address global health challenges.




Dedicated to exploring investment landscapes, uncovering emerging trends, and networking opportunities for startups.




Focuses on scaling technology within businesses to foster innovation & enhance cybersecurity.


Core Tracks



FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is guaranteed to change you as a leader! A full day session held within the Forward Fest program, FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is designed for leaders who wish to take a quantum leap in their thinking, their knowledge of the world, their approach to leadership, and who need to build the perfect connections that will propel them forward. In this modern-day business world, it is impossible for leaders to remain within the status quo of past leadership styles. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE will open your eyes to what is on the horizon that you are going to have no choice but to prepare, adapt and importantly take advantage of within your organisational context. You will be challenged, enlightened and potentially disturbed by the worldwide factors that are rapidly changing your world. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE gives you the chance to get in front of the changes so that they become a competitive advantage, and you personally become the leader of the future. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is all inclusive of seven components.


31 JULY - 2 AUGUST 2024 Sunshine Coast

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