31 July - 2 August

Thriving in Paradise

3 Days

85 Speakers

Join us for Forward Fest, a dynamic & engaging business festival of ideas, creativity, & technology

Forward Fest 24: Thriving in Paradise

A Three-Day Business Festival

A premier three-day business festival designed to unite local businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and government representatives, along with state, national, and international delegates.


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Event tracks

What to see at this year's Forward Fest



The intersection of technology and environmental sustainability, highlighting innovative solutions and strategies to combat climate change.




Showcasing the forefront of technological advancements, emphasising how these innovations are transforming sectors.




Track explores technology advancements, emphasising the transformative potential of Extended Reality (XR) & Virtual Reality (VR), address global health challenges.




Dedicated to exploring investment landscapes, uncovering emerging trends, and networking opportunities for startups.




Focuses on scaling technology within businesses to foster innovation & enhance cybersecurity.


Core Tracks



FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is guaranteed to change you as a leader! A full day session held within the Forward Fest program, FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is designed for leaders who wish to take a quantum leap in their thinking, their knowledge of the world, their approach to leadership, and who need to build the perfect connections that will propel them forward. In this modern-day business world, it is impossible for leaders to remain within the status quo of past leadership styles. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE will open your eyes to what is on the horizon that you are going to have no choice but to prepare, adapt and importantly take advantage of within your organisational context. You will be challenged, enlightened and potentially disturbed by the worldwide factors that are rapidly changing your world. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE gives you the chance to get in front of the changes so that they become a competitive advantage, and you personally become the leader of the future. FWD>>>EXECUTIVE is all inclusive of seven components.


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What is Forward Fest all about?

Forward Fest is a dynamic business festival held on the Sunshine Coast, uniting entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, researchers, policymakers, government officials, intrapreneurs, and students from local, national, and international spheres, fostering invaluable networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Showcase your innovation

Twelve innovative businesses will be selected to participate in the Innovation Showcase.

Forward Fest 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for the Sunshine Coast business community to showcase their ingenuity and share unique solutions with public and private sector business leaders.

Proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council, the dedicated Sunshine Coast Innovation Showcase promises to be a dynamic platform for local businesses to showcase their cutting-edge products, services and digital solutions.

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Pay it forward

A festival of innovation and tech

Unlock Your Potential: Join Our Pay It Forward Initiative

Embracing Silicon Coast's Give First ethos, our Pay It Forward initiative invites you to open doors for emerging talent and innovators.

Forward Fest is committed to fostering an inclusive and thriving innovation ecosystem. Our Pay It Forward program allows everyone, from individuals to corporate giants, to sponsor festival access for deserving students, startups, and small business owners. Enhance local capacity and innovation by simply adding a Pay It Forward ticket to your purchase when buying your own. Together, we can ensure that financial barriers do not prevent the brightest minds from participating in Forward Fest 2024.


Ticket Packages




  • Day 1 Only
  • Connector Event
  • Expo & Innovation Showcase




  • Day 2 Only
  • Breakfast to Connector
  • Expo & Innovation Showcase




  • Day 3 Only
  • All inclusive
  • Gala Dinner




  • Day 1 and 2 all inclusive
  • Breakfast to Connector
  • Expo & Innovation Showcase
  • VIP Dinner Only by Invitation




  • Day 1, 2 and 3
  • All inclusive special events, Plus VIP and Gala dinner

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Invite Only

Altitude Nine

Our keynote speaker will be sharing insights on the future of the Sunshine Coast, while Kathryn Giudes, the chair of Silicon Coast, will officially launch Forward Fest 24.


How to get here

TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus

34 Lady Musgrave Dr, Mountain Creek QLD 4557

TAFE Queensland Mooloolaba campus - 34 Lady Musgrave Dr, Mountain Creek QLD 4557


31 JULY - 2 AUGUST 2024 Sunshine Coast

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Acknowledgement of Country

Silicon Coast and partners pays our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of this country; the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara peoples of the coastal plains and hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, as we honor them as the original storytellers, innovators, and custodians of this land, embracing their wisdom to innovate while respecting the sacred ground on which it takes place.

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