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A New Dimension of 3D Printing

3d printing

Whether for proof of concept, prototyping, production, mechanics, or even personal use/hobbies, 3D printing has become a high-demand luxury for many businesses.


3D printing has provided businesses with an innovative solution to expedite manufacturing and illustration of their proof of concept, in a way that has not been seen before. Through informative keynote presentations and workshops, FutureX will explore the trajectory of the industry, how to get started with establishing your own 3D printing business, material and product options, and ways that companies can benefit from the services of 3D printing.


Over half of enterprises are actively implementing 3D printing within their production, and 80% of enterprises claim that they have been provided the capacity to innovate at a faster rate through the use of 3D printing. However, insight and planning are required in order to be able to predict shifting consumer demands that influence the industry. Forward Festival’s ‘Future X’ session will provide you with predictions for the future of 3D printing that can assist you in remaining competitive and ahead of the game.


Are you wondering how this is relevant for you? Well, foresight! At Forward Festival, you will be provided with valuable insight into the future of 3D printing that will assist you in ensuring a competitive and forward-thinking business strategy.


Due to the rapid pace of innovation and technological advancement, there is no doubt that the future of 3D printing will continue to move at a similar speed! At FutureX, our panel of industry experts presenting at the sessions will provide you with insight into the future of the industry, how 3D printing can enhance businesses operations, various products available, and tips on how to get started.


The line-up of keynote speakers and industry experts at Forward Festival’s ‘FutureX’ Session will assist you in determining how YOU can benefit from the predictions of the future of 3D printing.


target audience

Who will get the most out of this track?

Don’t miss out on this unique and informative experience if you are a…

  • SMB seeking information on strategic business approaches that consider the developments of 3D printing
  • Aspiring Business Owner wanting expert guidance on how they can build a viable business in 3D printing
Key Takeaways

What will you walk away with?

The various workshops and keynote presentations at FutureX will provide you with a number of key takeaways including…

  1. Unique insight into what the future of 3D printing looks like
  2. Valuable guidance on how to establish your own 3D printing business and take advantage of various consumer demands
  3. An opportunity to explore the difference between materials used in 3D printing
  4. Information on how businesses can benefit from implementing 3D printing

Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Enjoy the Professional Development

Ticket Options

1 Day Access Pass
Access to FutureX Main Stage
Access to 40+ Daily Dose sessions

Thurs 29th Sept 9am – 4pm

Location – University of the Sunshine Coast (Sippy Downs)

In addition to the 3D Printing Sessions you might enjoy sessions from these other tracks -also INCLUDED in your Thursday Daily Dose Pass.

3d printing options

Daily Dose Sessions

Getting Started with 3D Printing for Your Small Business


3D Printing as a service

(Presentation + Q&A) 

Predictions on the Future of 3D Printing

(Panel Discussion ) 

3D Printing Materials

(Presentation & Case Study)

Our sessions align with following 3 core themes

Tech & Innovation

Connecting innovators and intrapreneurs to accelerate growth and drive positive change through sustained innovation of existing products, services and processes – targeted to the needs of current customers and employees.

CX & Marketing

Exploring new ways to invest and build effective and targeted CX and marketing strategies that boost sales, enhance customer retention and forge stronger relationships in today’s evolving business landscape.

Future Skills

Understanding that technological advancements power much of the revolution but embracing that cognitive, interpersonal, leadership and digital skills are essential for future sustainable and scalable growth.


Track Partner


SunCoast Angels

Sunshine Coast Maker Space

The Maker Space has been officially operating since July 2017. Dominic Vrolijks – the founder of The Maker Space has over 20 years trade experience and has been working in the R & D and product development space for the past 15 years. His passion for innovation, technology and his ability to turn a concept into a tangible item is evident in the range of products he has helped to manufacture.

Forward Festival Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Maker Space

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